Questions with GPT-3: Could AI replace search engines?

We asked GPT-3 questions typically reserved for Google. The results will shock you.

One of my highlights from last week was getting access to the GPT-3 beta. Of course, our first instinct was to chat with it and to explore ways to possibly deploy it on Chai, but during a meeting we had a question and it occurred to us that GPT-3 may know the answer.

We asked it “Who are the top 10 VCs?”.

Comparing it with Google’s response at a first-glance, GPT-3 measures up remarkably well.

GPT-3 gave strong answers to a wide range of questions, in a more conversational format. This means less effort on the part of the user — we all know what it’s like trawling through Google looking for an answer to your burning questions.

Next, I asked it what car is best for large families:

The answer was very satisfactory. The Volvo XC90 is indeed a 7-seater car ideal for large families and it’s known for it’s great safety features.

Google had a slightly different, but still very useful answer, to this question:

I love this approach to searching: it eliminates the tyranny of choice. Logic suggests that having options allows people to choose what makes them happiest. However, abundant choice often makes for misery. Constant decision making is costly: choice reduces willpower (any Steve Jobs wannabe will happily tell you this).

Imagine a world where you could go to Google and get one great answer rather than millions and millions of pages — any one of which might contain what you’re desperately searching for.

Besides, it’s more natural this way. Almost like talking to a friend. ☺️